Family Dentistry in Palm Valley

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Family dentistry in Palm Valley

Palm Valley Family Dentistry located in in Palm Valley, Florida contacted me for an immediate session after another photographer cancelled on them that day. They didn’t book any clients for that afternoon and had the entire staff come in for this photoshoot. I couldn’t imagine the panic they must have been going through so I rearranged my afternoon and prepared for the shoot!


We first did individual headshots. Usually when you have this many women, it can be challenging but this group was so fun and such a pleasure to work with. After I edited their images, I also sent them a video showing how they can change their backgrounds and how to use their photos. You should go to their website and check it out!

Aren’t they a friendly group of people! Who is scared of going to the dentist now?!

In-action photos

To differentiate yourself from other dental offices, I highly recommend showing in-action photos. When it comes to doctor’s offices especially dental, people tend to have a fear. Having different types of in action images can be comforting knowing the friendly environment.

Group Photos

Last but not least we did group photos. You can see how professional, yet fun and friendly all the ladies are. As a client myself I highly recommend them.

Let’s chat

If you have your own practice and would like to stand out from the generic stock image look on your website and social media, contact me for a complimentary discovery call. I know I can help you level up in your business and know how to bring out the personality and heart of your business!

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