Oncology and Pelvic health physical therapist

Oncology and pelvic health physical therapist and digital creator based in Jacksonville, Florida
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Onco pelvic health physical therapist

Oncology and pelvic health physical therapist, Dr. Alex Hill contacted River Eight & Co. to get her personal branding photos done. Not only this was for her website, and social media, but also for her new course for rehab clinicians. Dr. Alex Hill is amazing. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree at the University of Florida and completed a Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency at Duke University. Since becoming a physical therapist in 2014, she has specialized in working with all folks experiencing pelvic health, oncology, and lymphedema-related conditions. She is such an achiever!

The Full Day Collection

We had some great ideas during our first call and immediately hit it off. She is a very busy doctor who had amazing ideas and I couldn’t wait to have a session with her. I had prepared a shoot list for her and we had a timeline and outfits prepared to make sure we stayed on track. During our consultation, we got to over everything including, scenes, poses, outfits, hair, wardrobe, and ofcourse we had a pinterest board where I can see all of her ideas and inspirations.

Scene 1 – Casual yet professional

We did some casual looks with some props. Simple, tasteful, and fun. You can see her bubbly personality and she looks very approachable. I couldn’t get enough of her contagious smile. This type of image is something you sure can’t get from AI.

This Collection included 100 images and below are some of my favorites:

Scene 2 – Props used in her business

We captured a variety of tools shes uses to educate and heal patients. Seeing things in person and being shown how things are used properly is an important but comfortable way to show how things are done.

Scene 3- Expressions

Oh my favorite. This is where you can bring out your personality and use it in so many different ways! Expressions are the best way to connect with your ideal clients. You know the saying, people buy from those they know like and trust.

Scene 4- Outdoors/GYM

Part of what Dr. Hill teaches is the importance of exercising. Walking and working out helps clients heal and feel better.

Scene 5- Celebration

Last part of the session was a fun one! It was a celebration scene and these are great images to have especially for encouragement, finale, something to celebrate, holidays and more!

After Party-

Dr. Hill was amazing to work with. She absolutely killed it with this session. She is a go-getter, focused, and GETS IT DONE. I admire those features of her all while being super kind, positive, and funny.

She had some kind words for me and I was just thrilled.

“Kay did a wonderful job for my branding photoshoot and I can’t speak highly enough of her! Kay was thorough in preparing for the shoot and had a great vision with planning for poses, props, and sites. She was able to coach me through the shoot in a professional, fun, and relaxed manner. Finally, not only was the editing was fantastic, but she gave me suggestions on how and where to use the new photos on my website and social media. Amazing experience, thank you Kay!” – Dr. Alex Hill

Getting in touch

If you would like to get personal branding images for your business, please contact me and book a complimentary zoom call. I would love to hear about you and your business.

Let me know below which one is your favorite image!

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