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Party Planner from NYC
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Party Planner from NYC

Party Planner and Party Girl

Seri from Little Miss Party Planner now called REV chose our personal branding collection. This included 20 images and also opted for an additional 10 images. She was so natural in front of the camera and had everything cleaned and organized for me. It was heaven.

Life of the Party

Since she is also an influencer. We took a few photos of her sponsored products from V8. This showed how she uses them on the daily basis. Seri and her team work with lots of celebrities, and high-profile clients from NYC.

Why as a Party Planner you need branding?

As an event planner and stylist, your clients rely on you to create events that reflect their brand and personality. Having photos that showcase your own style and personality help potential clients feel confident in your ability to understand their vision and create an event that meets their needs.

“I highly recommend her for her impeccable photography and branding skills”

These beautiful (socially distanced) photos were taken by my new friend in Florida, Kay Kawada of River Eight & Co., a super talented personal branding photographer who is pure joy to work with. Kay takes her work very seriously and puts a great deal of thought and attention into every shoot. I’m so grateful to have met Kay and highly recommend her for her impeccable photography and branding skills.

~Seri Kertzner

If you are a party planner and would like to show your personality and attract clients, feel free to contact me for a complementary discovery call!

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