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It’s that time to sign up!!!!

OH, MY WORD.  The time has come to sign up for the Personal Branding subscription! This is only available 1 time out of the entire year and ONLY available for ONE WEEK!! So get on it!!

SO WHO IS Personal Branding Subscription FOR?

Personal Branding Subscription is for any business owners and or creatives who have an online presence. Do you do business on Instagram? Facebook? Meet clients on LinkedIn? The way you show up online is going to be your first impression.

Are your photos on brand?

You want to make sure that you are ON-BRAND and PROFESSIONAL so you can capture the attention of your ideal clients. Especially with COVID these days, the WEB is your STOREFRONT. This is your one chance to make an impact. So yes, if that is what you do, this is for you. Remember, people purchase from people they know, like, and trust. Let me guide you through this!

What is included in the subscription?

Virtual Planning Call:

You will receive TWO 90-minute virtual zoom calls for planning your sessions which cover locations, wardrobe, hair & makeup, props, and key shots.

Cohesive content:

You will receive 100 full-resolution images per session. (200 total)

Cost savings:

The subscription offers a $500 discount compared to booking individual sessions, which is a significant cost savings.


By committing to a subscription, you ensure that you have consistent and high-quality branding images for your business.

Long-term planning:

With a subscription, you can plan ahead and book your sessions in advance, ensuring that you have consistent and timely images throughout the year.


Subscriptions offer greater flexibility in scheduling your sessions, making it easier to find a time that works for your busy schedule.

Variety of images:

With multiple sessions, you can capture a wider variety of images, including headshots, lifestyle shots, and product shots, providing more options for your marketing materials.

Personalized approach:

Subscriptions allow us to work together over a longer period, building a deeper understanding of your brand and personalizing our approach to your unique needs.

Improved brand recognition:

Consistent branding images are key to building brand recognition and a strong online presence, and a subscription ensures that you have a steady supply of these images throughout the year.

Time savings:

By booking multiple sessions at once, you save time and effort in the future, as you don’t have to worry about booking additional sessions as frequently.

Competitive advantage:

Consistent and professional branding images are a key factor in setting yourself apart from your competition, and a subscription allows you to maintain this competitive advantage over time.

VIP priority booking:

You have advantage over anyone else to book the sessions dates that work best for you.

Locked in:

The minute you pay your invoice, you will be locked in at this pricing no matter how much it goes up.

Wardrobe Consultation:

You will get a style guide and in detail wardrobe consultation to your body shape and brand colors.

Best of all it is all TAX DEDUCTED. Yes, this is part of your marketing and advertising therefore would be a write-off.

 *I only take limited clients a year so every client will have my full attention.*

So how much is everything?

For shooting a few hours for 2 DAYS out of the YEAR,  you will receive an ENTIRE YEAR of content for only $5480. (ORIGINALLY $5980) That is  $500 off!! FIVE-HUNDRED-DOLLARS-OFF !!!!! 

If you are not sure about which subscription is best for you, let’s hop on a call. Let’s talk it out together.

Do you have any questions? I’d love to hear your feedback! If you are not ready to book, I’d love to hop on a call with you and talk it out. Book a DISCOVERY CALL.  I don’t want you to have ANY buyer’s remorse. I want you to be happy and excited that you are getting this LOAD off of you and saving time, and frustration in the end. Take back your time so you can focus on YOUR genius zone.

Also, make sure you are following me as well! I am at FB/IG @rivereightandco

Thank you for reading! Hope to get to know you soon!

XO Kay K

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