Get a Tax Deduction for Your Branding Photo Session

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Did you know that you can write off photography on your business tax return? Take advantage and claim this tax deduction for the year 2023 before it is too late.

Worried about squeezing in a photo session during the holiday season? No worries, as long as you book and pay in full for a brand story collection BEFORE the year ends — you can plan the photo shoot for the first quarter of 2024. Nevertheless, the tax deduction for your photo session is valid for year 2023!

Set off 2024 with a brand-new album of images to use on all your marketing, advertising, and social media postings to bring more attention and clients to your business.

A Tax Deduction Perk for Business Owners

The IRS states that you can “deduct reasonable advertising expenses that are directly related to your business activities.” Branding photography, as well as product photography are advertising expenses and are 100% tax deductible. The cost of a photo shoot for images that will promote a new product on your website is a tax deduction.

But be beware, this ONLY applies if you are self-employed and NOT an employee of a company. For example, if you are an employee of a company, your professional headshot for your LinkedIn account is not tax deductible. However, if you own a business, it is. Hiring a professional photographer for headshots and branding photos for marketing purposes is deductible as a business expense.  

For self-employed taxpayers, expenses directly related to the photo session, such as makeup and a haircut are also deductible as a business expense.  

Planning for the year 2024 begins now. If you wait till January, you will miss out on the tax benefits for this year.  Reach out to River Eight and Co today to select the best brand story collection for your business.

Disclaimer: The information presented above is solely based on Kay Kawada’s personal understanding of the topic. You are advised to ask your Tax professional, accountant, or CPA to confirm whether a photography or branding-related expense is a valid tax deduction for your business. Never hurts to double-check!

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