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Website designer and Business Strategist, Galen Mooney was the almighty talent behind my website River Eight & Co. She has not only created my very particular vision, but she has given me so much knowledge on things I never knew existed. My SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has sky rocketed and I have booked more dream clients then ever before. Also, she is a great person to consult your business with and bounce ideas. She calls herself a creative nerd, and I love her humbleness.


The discovery of Galen Mooney

Well, it’s funny, such a cliché. I have to be honest. She was doing live presentations for a mastermind class I was in. She was such a great speaker and so I did my due diligence and for me she was TOO EXPENSIVE. It was not that she was too expensive, (she was charging a lot less then she is now) but I didn’t see her value. It is true when they say, you purchase from those whom you KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

I met her again at a conference and hung out with her a bit, saw her sing karaoke and bust a move in front a crowd of people. She was fun, confident, and most of all having fun. I admired that about her. Those are b*lls I don’t have. She just gets. things. done. kinda gal.

As I talked to her more, followed her on instagram, saw her reels, checked out her massive YouTube channel, in my minds no doubt she was going to be my website designer and I was going to do everything I can financially to be able to work with her.

What was it like working with local creative co

Unfortunately for some, I am brutally honest when it comes to giving reviews. So here are the pros and cons I had with working with

I gave her detailed information in my own words but haven’t showed her any websites, mood board or anything visual for inspiration to start my website off of. From there she gave me a rough first draft, that was just ok in my opinion. I explained to her what I didn’t like about it and from there she took off. Every page she showed me, I was blown away.

Because she is in demand, it won’t be done tomorrow. You will have to wait. Good thing, it’s not a long wait but for now she is a couple of months out. I can only see this get longer so reach out to her now. Atleast book a free call.

Yes I highly recommend her. She has experience, knowledge, creativity, and most importantly humbleness. She has a sharp mind, can answer all of your questions, and on top of the that super kind but to the point. You will have lightbulb moments with her and will definitely level up your game.

You can check out my website that was done by Local Creative at

I loved her so much I had her work on my motherhood website.

You can find Galen Mooney from Local Creative here. Don’t forget to tell her I sent you!

If you are a business owner I highly recommend you check out her YOUTUBE channel. There is so much free education and you can see what type of an amazing person she is.

How to work together

River Eight and Co helps professionals and entrepreneurs reveal their brand identity in photographs. River Eight and Co offers a complimentary call to initiate your personal branding project. We look forward to helping you and your business. 

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