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Akiko: Healing with Grace Brand Photography

Healing with Grace – Spiritual healer, Animal Communicator

Akiko Nakatsukasa

Akiko was in need of photos for the launch of her new business as an Animal healer, and Animal Medium where she can connect with all animals through a photo. Whether your beloved pet has  had a heard past, or your pet has passed on, she can feel and communicate with  what your pet was thinking and feeling. This is something that can bring closure or big relief for those who have pets who have passed on and not knowing why. It was quite interesting learning about her business. Akiko specializes in Japanese clients who have pets that live outside of Japan. 

She has done 8 hours of business and social media coaching  and  chose the  starter up/ Elevation collection and received 20 beautiful images for her new blog. 

You can see more of my work and follow her work on FB/IG @healingwithgracejp

“I am very satisfied”

” It was really nice that Kay took the photo.
She seriously worked on how to get the best photos for me.
I am very satisfied.”

~Akiko Nakatsukasa

August 18, 2020

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